Stage 10 of Tour de France halted by protesters

Last month, a protester interrupted a French Open semifinal match and tied herself to a net while wearing a shirt that carried the message: “We have 1028 days left.” It was later learned the protest was linked to “climate inaction” and meant to raise awareness about climate change. 

A similar occurrence has now impacted a different sporting event. 

Per TMZ Sports and David Close and Matt Foster of CNN, protesters blocked a roadway and temporarily halted Stage 10 of the Tour de France on Tuesday.

According to CNN, French climate action group Dernière Rènovation claimed responsibility for this latest incident. In translated tweets, the organization explained it “interrupted the 10th stage of the Tour de France between Morzine and Megève in the commune of Magland to stop the mad race towards the annihilation of our society” and added that it “can no longer remain spectators of the ongoing climate disaster.”

“We have 989 days left to save our future, our humanity,” the organization said. 

Dernière Rènovation continued: 

“Our goal is to force legislation to drastically reduce France’s emissions, starting with energy reform, the area most likely to bring together social and climate justice today. This is our last chance to avoid catastrophic and irreversible consequences: deadly heat, extreme weather events, famines, mass migrations, armed conflicts… and this is for all the next generations of humans.”

TMZ notes that some protesters wore chains around their necks and sat on the road. Others sported shirts that read: “We have 989 days left.” 

“The race is neutralized,” the Tour de France race center eventually responded in a brief statement. “The race will resume with the same time gaps once the road will be cleared.” 

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