Spider M1 laser engraver & cutter has a portable design and an infinite Y-axis work area

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Change the way you create with the Spider M1 laser engraver & cutter. This advanced gadget is both a laser engraver and cutter, and its incredible design gives it an infinite Y-axis. In fact, its work area of 200/400 mm*∞ means that you don’t need to constantly reposition it for long items. Yep, it works infinitely along the Y-axis to engrave and cut on any project! You’ll get highly accurate creations from this easy to use and portable device. Boasting infinite possibilities for hobbyists and professionals alike, it’s a powerful tool for artwork, DIY, and business. A compact laser engraver and cutter, it features an integrated design. Moreover, it doesn’t require much setup, meaning it’s convenient to take outdoors, on the go, or from one production facility to another. Use it to engrave on hundreds of materials, from paper to bamboo and wood to leather.


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