Sonos Sub Mini curvy subwoofer produces balanced bass beats great for smaller spaces

Enhance the sound in any room with the Sonos Sub Mini curvy subwoofer. Producing powerful yet balanced bass, it’s ideal for everything from gaming to watching movies and listening to music. Choose from matte black or matte white finish options and enjoy its compact cylindrical shape based on the Sonos Sub. Crafted with dual custom woofers, it produces dynamic low beets that have zero rattling or buzzing thanks to its advanced processing. Designed to immerse you in anything you listen to or watch, it has an acoustically sealed cabinet. Inside, both woofers face inward. This creates a force-canceling effect that neutralizes distortion. Moreover, using advanced digital signal processing, this device ensures you hear full-toned low frequencies. You’d expect these from a larger subwoofer, but the Sub Mini delivers.

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