SomaSleep in-home sleep mask monitors your REM with eye-tracking to improve your sleep

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Track all the metrics of sleep, including REM, from the comfort of your home with the SomaSleep in-home sleep mask. This sleep mask is lightweight and super easy-to-use. In fact, it captures data about the user’s sleep for a full eight hours using a small battery. Additionally, it uses Somalytics’ award-winning SomaCap carbon-nanotube paper composite (CPC) capacitive sensors to track eye movements. With the nano-based capacitive sensors, this wearable is breaking barriers with sensor technology in tracking sleep. Together with the wearable and the corresponding mobile app, you can easily share the data with doctors and get relevant medication, if necessary. With a stylish design and comfort, this wearable can uplift the way you sleep with proper tracking and metrics.


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