Solace vibroacoustic speaker has a huggable design to calm your anxiety, body, and mind

Calm your body and mind with the Solace vibroacoustic speaker. Just like a cat’s purrs do, this gadget’s vibroacoustic therapy passes low-frequency vibrations through your body and helps you relax. Designed for use in a variety of situations, it’s ideal for part of your morning routine, when you’re falling asleep, when you feel overwhelmed, and when you’re having anxiety. With a comforting, huggable shape, Solace is ideal to hold against your body as it plays its low-frequency sounds. Relax your mind and reduce your anxiety with this device, which is a safe, drug-free, noninvasive way to reduce your stress. Furthermore, it fits comfortably against your body, and you can connect it to the app via Bluetooth to use the in-app music or your own. Choose from vibroacoustic music, tones, and binaural beats—feel the vibes and relax.

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