SMASH STOPPER universal drain stopper has a 6-in-1 design that fits 99% of drains and mugs

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Get a gadget that does more when you go for the SMASH STOPPER universal drain stopper. It has a durable telescopic design that actually fits 99% of drains and mugs. Why mugs? Because it also acts as a topper to keep your drink warm. That’s right, this 6-in-1 gadget has a double suction cup that works simply and effectively. This new type of drain stopper blocks everything from kitchen to bathroom sinks and bathtubs to showers. Not only that, but it also prevents bad odors from entering your home. Adapting to most forms of evacuation, it operates when you simply press—or smash—it down. With a multifunctional design, it also works as a hook, towel holder, door stopper, document holder, mug lid, or sink unblocker.


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