SmartWind automated window senses the temperature for an eco-friendly fresh air solution

Cool your home with fresh air using the SmartWind automated window. It monitors the outdoor air temperature, lowering your cooling costs and improving your air quality. So it’s not only eco-friendly but also a money saver. This cost-effective retrofit provides you with clean energy by pulling cool air from outside into your home. It installs in your wall near the ceiling, operating like a vent. However, unlike a standard vent, it won’t lose energy when it sits idle because it shuts its valve. This gadget complements your cooling system, saving you significant money on moderate days in the long run. Moreover, it reads the forecast on a continual basis, knowing when warm days are coming. In that case, it automatically activates its thermostat beforehand! Overall, it’s also compatible with home assistants such as Google Home Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, and it comes in 4 models.

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