Sleep and recover like a pro with the Ghostbed Venus Williams mattress & bedding series

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Wake up well-rested and ready to tackle your day with the GhostBed Venus Williams Collection. It boasts far infrared therapy and cooling comfort, helping you recover while you rest.

Enjoy pro-level recovery when you go for the GhostBed Venus Williams mattress series. This collection is a collaboration between GhostBed and tennis professional Venus Williams. It fuses technology and design, helping your rest and recover like a champion.

Whether your day involves running a marathon or meeting the big boss, proper rest and recovery are vital to your performance. And that’s why a bed like the GhostBed Venus Williams Collection might be right for you.

Combining exclusive materials and technology, these mattresses ensure you can tackle the day’s challenges, no matter what they are. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting new mattresses.

GhostBed Venus Williams Collection in a video

Meet the mattresses

GhostBed and Venus Williams are passionate about good-quality sleep. So when they worked together to create a mattress collection that aids rest and recovery, the results were truly something special.

Featuring 2 mattresses—the Venus Williams Legend and the Venus Williams Legend Hybrid—the collection combines high-quality materials with far infrared therapy, allowing you to wake up feeling energized and ready to greet the day.

Recover faster with the Venus FIT Layer

A unique feature that’s included in both the Legend and Legend Hybrid mattresses is the Venus FIT Layer. It’s a gel memory foam mattress infused with GhostBed’s proprietary blend of far infrared materials.

According to the company, this layer helps improve recovery, blood flow, performance, and overall well-being. But if you’re wondering how that happens, here’s the lowdown.

FIR-emitting minerals woven inside the Venus FIT Layer interact with your body heat and produce far infrared light. This light gets reflected to your body while you sleep and enters deep into your skin, warming your muscles and improving blood flow.

And while this sleep gadget imitates the effects of heat therapy, you won’t feel hot. In fact, as your circulation improves, your body will be better able to regulate temperature.

Meanwhile, the benefits of FIR aren’t just hearsay. Studies show that it’s a safe, effective technology that provides therapeutic effects throughout the body, such as improving blood circulation, boosting the immune system, and easing pain.

So, if you suffer from sore muscles post-workout or office, this layer actually works to ease them faster. Yes, you can wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated, even if you pushed yourself during training sessions or went above and beyond at work.

GhostBed Venus Williams Collection product detail

Stay cool with the Venus Cooling Cover

If you sleep warmly or prefer a cool sleeping environment, these recovery-supporting mattresses have you covered. Both mattresses in the GhostBed Venus Williams mattress series have a cooling cover —the Hybrid style boasts 5 layers while the Legend version features 4—helping you rest comfortably.

Even better, this cooling cover is a blend that uses naturally cooling fibers and REPREVE®, an innovative and super-soft recycled fiber made of recycled water bottles. So you can sleep at night knowing that your bed is a sustainable product.

Get better air circulation with the Gel Memory Foam

GhostBed’s open-cell gel memory foam is another exciting feature in both mattresses. This layer provides better air circulation than a typical foam mattress. And the gel pulls heat away from your body, keeping you cool.

Buy the Venus Williams Legend for improved sleep and health

Who should buy the Venus Williams Legend? GhostBed recommends it for anyone who wants better sleep and improved health. So that’s pretty much everyone. The mattress is also great for hot sleepers and anyone with joint pain or poor circulation.

Can you imagine waking up without pain in your lower back or hips? The Venus FIT Layer gives you an extra circulation boost to help you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. And that leads to better overall health and less pain.

Check out the Venus Williams Legend Hybrid mattress

While the Venus Williams Legend and Venus Williams Legend Hybrid mattresses share many features, they differ one significant way: the Venus Williams Legend Hybrid is a hybrid mattress. It includes separately-wrapped, motion-isolating coils for a slightly more responsive feel.

In general, this mattress design offers the support of a traditional innerspring mattress and doesn’t wear out as fast as a foam-only mattress. Then, the reinforced coils line the perimeter, letting you sit comfortably on the edge.

The Legend Hybrid also has 5 cooling layers, unlike the Legend’s 4. So you sleep a bit more cooly on this mattress.

See our final thoughts on the GhostBed Venus Williams Collection

The GhostBed Venus Williams Collection is an excellent choice if you’re serious about rest and recovery. These mattresses keep you cool and comfortable and provide FIR therapy through the Venus FIT Layer, helping you recover in your sleep.

Wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready by adding one of these mattresses to your bedtime routine.

Buy the Ghostbed Venus Williams mattress series starting at $1,496 on the official website. Have you used FIR therapy before? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

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