Sivga SV021 over-ear headphones combine wood and metal materials for a unique look

Listen to music in style with the Sivga SV021 over-ear headphones. Using a combination of wood and metal materials, this headset offers a classic and fashionable design. Moreover, the Sivga SV021 consists of a self-developed 50-mm dynamic driver for smooth listening. In fact, housed in an ultra-thin frame, this driver delivers lifelike sounds and a clean background when there’s no music playing. Furthermore, these over-ear headphones offer 3 balanced frequencies for immersive listening. This includes a clean background and good separation from audio playing versus sounds in the foreground. Another quality of the 3 frequencies is clear layers of sound with a wide soundstage. These headphones also deliver crystal-clear audio with no disruptions. Finally, they’re available in a black or brown finish.

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