SIS Hands Major Boost to UK & Irish Greyhound Industry

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Sports Information Services (SIS) has delivered a major boost to the greyhound industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland with the release of its revamped schedule for 2024.

SIS is the leading supplier of 24/7 betting services to retail and online operators globally, providing them with a one-stop shop for all their racing needs.

The Buckinghamshire-based firm provides gambling operators with live pictures, data and on-screen graphics with betting triggers, all of which are designed to boost engagement.

Greyhound racing is a core element of the content SIS provides to the betting industry in the UK and Ireland, and their 2024 schedule is hugely exciting for the industry.

Leading Irish betting sites will be particularly delighted to see increased coverage for greyhound tracks in Ireland, most of which will be in more favourable time slots.

SIS has committed to offering a minimum of 42 weekly fixtures across the UK and Ireland, thus ensuring the sport receives the best possible coverage.

The revised schedule includes live action from the two busiest open tracks on the circuit – Towcester and Oxford – further boosting the profile of greyhound racing.

There will also be extensive coverage of the English and Irish Greyhound Derbies, along with a host of other action from all of the most popular tracks in the UK and Ireland.

In addition to removing early morning starts from the schedule, SIS has committed to covering six meetings per day with 12 races per fixture as standard.

Changes in the greyhound population and media rights landscape has helped the company to incorporate more flexibility into the schedule to ensure operators always have live action available.

SIS has agreed several long-term agreements with some of the biggest betting brands in the industry to deliver broadcast greyhound racing across retail and digital channels in the UK and Ireland.

The content is also promoted in numerous international markets, which enhances the profile of UK and Irish greyhound racing and increases betting revenues.

Paul Witten, Managing Director at SIS, said: “In formulating our streamlined new schedule for 2024, we were focused on delivering for greyhound tracks owned by greyhound people with a shared passion for the sport.

“We believe our approach is sensible, sustainable, and positive for the industry. There will undoubtedly be minor tweaks as the schedule evolves to reflect where the balance of trainers and greyhounds sit across the tracks, but we now have the flexibility to deliver a programme that reflects the needs of a changing betting industry.

“There is also a welcome increase in exposure for Irish tracks, which feature in more traditional time slots. This is a schedule we believe will deliver for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Greyhound racing is just a portion of what SIS provides to gambling operators in the UK and Ireland as part of a 24/7 live racing service.

The firm also offers extensive horse racing coverage from the UK, Ireland, United States, Dubai, Latin America and several other international jurisdictions.


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