SharpWorx Master kitchen knife sharpener allows you to sharpen knives like a chef

Keep your kitchen tools at the ready when you use the SharpWorx Master kitchen knife sharpener. Designed for the average cook, it allows you to pick up a kitchen knife and sharpen it just like a chef would. But you don’t need their years of training. In fact, this gadget gives you the right stone, the right angle, and the right technique. This ensures your knives get razor-sharp. When you use this system to sharpen your knives, it locks the angle in place with a strong N52 Neodymium magnet. However, it also lets you move the knife naturally through the sharpening stroke. As the knife moves through the stroke, the SharpWorx Master maintains the proper angle. Thus, the stone hones the knife to the perfect edge. To get an extra-sharp edge, simply flip the stone over to the fine grit side. When finished, you can cut paper-thin slices of tomatoes.

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