Shadowrun: Edge Zone sixth-world upgradable card game is set in 2080 & has 300+ cards

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Find yourself in the year 2080 by playing the Shadowrun: Edge Zone sixth-world upgradable card game. At this point, magic exists in the world. Along with it are orks, elves, trolls, dwarfs, dragons, and spells. While many people sell their souls to the megacorps to survive, some don’t fit the mold. Thus, they live in the shadows and the cracks, performing the grey ops the megacorps need to keep up with the competition. This, a shadowrunner, is what you are. You have access to limitless jobs, though they could be fatal. Sling spells, swing swords, fire bullets, hack the matrix, and more to survive. An update on the Shadowrun trading card game from the 1990s, it has new graphics, art, and game elements. Every player is a shadowrunning team that must enlist runners with different skills, aquire equipment, gain contacts, and more. Overall, complete the missions and try to win.

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