Sennheiser AMBEO Sub immersive subwoofer produces seriously immersive home cinema sound

Upgrade your home theater setup when you go for the Sennheiser AMBEO Sub immersive subwoofer. Crafted to create undeniably immersive sound, this subwoofer delivers a cinematic experience like never before—right in your own home. Ideal for everything from your favorite action flicks to classic masterpieces, it produces the high-quality sound you expect from the brand. In fact, its extremely deep bass comes from its AMBEO virtualization technology. This tech creates immersive sound that is incredibly natural. Not only that, but its 8-inch proprietary woofer works alongside a 350-watt Class-D amplifier. Together, these give you heart-stopping bass notes. Furthermore, its closed enclosure creates audiophile-quality bass notes as low as 27 Hz. Plus, its multi-sub array technology lets you connect up to 4 subwoofers together wirelessly.

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