Send measurements instantly to your phone, laptop, or tablet with this digital tape measure.

Tired of measuring hassles? Get the DataPro 25 Bluetooth tape measure. It ensures all your efforts are precise and your creations are as you imagined.

Take accurate measurements every time when you have the DataPro Tools DataPro 25 Bluetooth tape measure. This digital tape measure has an easy-to-read digital display that shows error-free measurements.

Whether you’re measuring fabric for a sewing project or lumber for a fence, accurate dimensions are essential for beautiful final results. Yet measuring mistakes happen all the time, even for professionals. So, what’s a person to do? Buy a gadget like the DataPro Tools DataPro 25.

The measuring process is flawed

Traditional measuring is prone to error. Because it’s easy to write down the wrong measurements when you’re in a rush. And it’s quite possible to misinterpret dimensions written by hand.

To top it off, people have gotten used to real-time data integration into software. So isn’t it about time someone digitized the measuring process? Well, it’s already happened with the DataPro Tools digital hardware and software.

DataPro Tools DataPro 25 and a smartphone

DataPro Tools offers a solution

According to the brand’s Kickstarter page, this digital tape measure is an efficient way to record measurement data. It says users are over 300% faster at measuring and recording while using DataPro tools.

With this digital tape measure, you won’t have to deal with fractions, remember numbers, or write down your data. A press of a button is all it takes to eliminate human error while measuring.

Then, this helpful EDC gadget instantly sends your measurement data to spreadsheet applications, other software systems, and ERP. So it has enormous value for consumer and industry use.

DataPro Tools DataPro 25 in a video

DataPro 25 gives accurate measurements

Maybe you’ve used a laser distance measurer before, but those require a surface where you can bounce the laser off. With the DataPro 25, you get a precise result, no surface necessary.

So while measuring something like a table, simply catch the DataPro 25’s hook to the far edge of the object, just like a standard tape measure.

While measuring, you can read this gadget’s blade just like a standard tape measure. However, the digital display shows your dimensions in large, clear numbers. So there’s no mistaking the numbers you see.

DataPro Tools DataPro 25 on a table

This digital tape measure is versatile

Need to create a product for an overseas client? That’s not a problem with the DataPro 25. It provides measurements in both Imperial and metric units, so there’s no chance of converting incorrectly. You can also display the data in fractions or decimals.

Then, once you’re done measuring, you can send the measurement data to any digital device, including your smartphone, PC, tablet, or Mac computer, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

A Bluetooth tape measure for DIYers and professionals

If you’ve ever written the wrong dimensions for materials you were planning to use in a project, you can appreciate the usefulness of this digital tape measure. Imagine getting the dimensions you need with just the press of a button.

Professionals, too, could use a foolproof tool like the DataPro 25. Although people involved in carpentry, garment-making, and construction industries measure materials every day, they aren’t immune to measuring errors.

Unfortunately, professional measuring errors can be expensive mishaps, which is why the DataPro 25 is such a useful industry-grade product. It pretty much eliminates mistakes in reading and transcribing measurements, letting professionals focus on their work.

The rugged design stands up to demanding projects

Although this digital tape measure has more tech than your standard tape measure, it’s not fragile. Nope, it has a ruggedized case made of touch ploy-carbonate and rubber over-molding

So you can feel confident about taking it on the go and to construction sites. Then, with 25 feet (8 meters) of professional-grade tape blade, the DataPro 25 can handle tasks large and small.

Furthermore, it works at a range of 30 feet from your device. So you can keep your phone or tablet safely in your backpack on the other side of a large room, and this gadget will still be able to connect and send measurements.

Finally, with 30 hours of battery life from the LiPo rechargeable battery, this gadget is also convenient to own.

Our verdict on the DataPro 25

The DataPro 25 is a worthwhile purchase for DIYers, professionals, and consumers. Its onboard measurement tech takes the hassle out of measuring and removes the potential for errors.

If you’re tired of measuring the wrong amount of fabric or want to ensure that your new sofa fits your living room, this is the gadget you want.

Preorder this Bluetooth-enabled digital tape measure for $66 on Kickstarter. What DIY tools do you use? Tell us about them!

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