Segway SuperScooter GT1 long range eScooter sleekly combines speed, range, and style

Get going in style with the Segway SuperScooter GT1 long range eScooter. The slick design comes with 37.3 mph high speed and 43.5 mile range which makes this eScooter perfect for daily commute. Additionally, a modern, sophisticated look gives it a stylish appearance altogether. Along with this, you can take the GT1 to work or school, or rev things up and keep it sporty. In fact, the GT1 also includes a front and read 15-level damping adjustable hydraulic shock system. Whether you’re on flat asphalt, country lanes, or off-roading, you can personalize your hydraulic shocks to achieve the perfect ride. Additional features include 3000W rear-wheel-drive air cooled hub motor, 1008Wh battery, rear trailing arm suspension, and so much more. It is indeed a power-packed scooter for daily commuters.

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