Seedze wearable instant relief kit effectively eases your chronic pains and stresses

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Managing stress and pain is a challenge, but the Seedze wearable instant relief kit makes it so much easier. This 3-in-1 device relieves chronic pains and stress in an easy and effective way. Helping you improve your overall health—anytime, anywhere—it combines thermal therapy, far infrared therapy, and aromatherapy. In fact, this cutting-edge wellness kit creates synergistic effects that improve your overall health. The electromagnetic thermal therapy and far infrared ray therapy (FIR) are infrared light at specific wavelengths. These clinically proven wavelengths trigger a physiological healing response in the body. Additionally, infrared therapy boosts your body’s natural self-healing process. And FIR can penetrate deep into your body, which not only absorbs the FIR but also detoxifies harmful substances. Finally, aromatherapy circulates aromatic components with specific characteristics and affects the body’s perceptions such as pain and stress, soothing and healing the body.


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