Secretlab MAGNUS Pro sit-to-stand metal desk boasts precise electric height adjustment

Work in comfort at all times when you have the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro sit-to-stand metal desk. Delivering precise electric height adjustment, it can sit as low as 25.6” or as high as 49.2”. The control panel sits flush with the edge of the desk, so it’s never in your way. Moreover, with a completely integrated power supply column, it keeps everything organized and tidy. Plus, its magnetic organization ecosystem ensures everything stays in its rightful place. Not only that, but it also offers cable management features so your workspace remains nice and clean. Personalize yours with accessories and add-ons, and you’ll also love the custom backlit LED control panel, which has a built-in on and off switch. Overall, with anticollision protection and a modular design, it’s ideal for your home workspace.

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