Seal Shield Cleanwipe™ Pro Waterproof Keyboard has an ergonomic and washable design

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Enjoy a state-of-the-art product when you go for the Seal Shield Cleanwipe™ Pro Waterproof Keyboard. This peripheral has a 100% washable, waterproof, and dishwasher-safe construction. In fact, this keyboard achieved IP68-certification so you don’t have to worry about any spills or splashes. Additionally, you can use industrial-grade cleaners and disinfectants to keep it sparkling. Crafted with 3 ergonomic tilt positions, this keyboard allows you to find the right angle for your optimal comfort. In doing this, you can reduce wrist strain and repetitive strain injury. This means it’s great for anyone who spends long hours at the computer, whether they’re gaming or working all day long. Finally, you can choose from 2 latex-free silicone covers depending on your aesthetic preference.


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