SCUBIC large self-cleaning litter box offers incredible ergonomics for your cat’s comfort

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Designed with a big and low entry, the SCUBIC large self-cleaning litter box keeps your cat comfortable. They don’t need to climb up into it! Kitties don’t like to be cramped when they have to do their business, and this stylish litter box incorporates a huge waste bin area as well, which has a 4.2-gallon capacity. Spacious enough for Maine Coon cats, the waste container itself holds 2 gallons. Made with a large and deep litter tray, it lets your cat comfortably go to the bathroom. Altogether, the interior space measures 3.7 cubic feet. And, made with you in mind as well, it is hygienic, odorless, and quiet. Finally, you can even stack multiple SCUBIC bins if you have multiple cats living in your home!

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