Scott Disick: The Kardashians Tried to BRIBE ME to Stay Away From My Kids!

Scott Disick will never be a Father of the Year candidate.

In fact, in the years since he and Kourtney Kardashian broke up, Scott has basically been on a non-stop party, often with a teenage model as his companion.

But while he might not be the most conventional dad, those closest to Scott all seem to agree that he’s devoted to his kids.

Which is one reason that the latest reports about Scott’s rocky relationship with his ex’s family are so utterly shocking.

According to a new report from In Touch, Disick was “offered millions” by the Kardashians to stop visiting his three children by Kourtney.

Word of the insulting bribe attempt comes to us courtesy of Mark Behar, a bodyguard who was formerly employed by the family.

“He said they both are trying to push him out of the family circle, to never show up at family and media events that the family’s at and even offered to pay him millions if he signed an agreement that would give up his rights to also visit his kids,” Behar told In Touch.

Scott Disick Has Been Happier

“He of course said ‘F–k that’ and was asking me for advice,” the bodyguard added.

There have been rumors that the Kardashians were upset with some of Scott’s more debauched behavior.

But this is the first time an insider has alleged that Kris Jenner and company attempted to come between Scott and his kids.

Scott Disick is Open to an Age-Appropriate Girlfriend on The Kardashians

Scott and Kourtney enjoyed a civil co-parenting relationship for years after they parted ways.

But the situation deteriorated when Kourtney started dating Travis Barker.

“Scott has been hitting the bars since Kourtney’s Portofino wedding. Whatever anyone says, Kourtney is the one that got away,” a source told In Touch at the time.

Scott Disick Flies Private

“Seeing Kourtney and Travis splashed over the internet surrounded by the Kardashians was a hard pill to swallow for Scott. He says he’s OK, and yes, he has moved on.”

These days, Kourtney and Travis are married.

Scott was openly upset about the news at first, but he seems to have come around and accepted that his ex is happy with her new man.

Scott Disick Looks Ahead

But the situation remains quite complicated.

On a recent episode of The Kardashians, Scott lashed out at Kris for failing to invite him to her birthday party and other family functions.

Scott lost both of his parents a few years back, and even after he broke up with Kourtney, the Kards continued to treat him like family.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on KUWTK


Scott alleged that that all changed after Kourtney started dating Travis.

The bodyguard did not offer any details as to when the Kardashians insultingly tried to bribe Scott to stay away from his kids.

Was it years ago, when Disick went on a bender after he and Kourtney first broke up?

Scott Disick: KUWTK Ending is DESTROYING Our Family

Was it more recently, when Kourtney first settled down with Travis, and Scott was still entertaining a succession of models who were young enough to be his daughter?

Whatever the case, it seems that Scott didn’t even briefly consider the offer.

He might not be the most traditional dad on the planet — but there’s no denying that the man loves his kids.

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