SANDMARC Pro Case for iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max works with MagSafe and protects your camera

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Keep your phone and its camera protected with the SANDMARC Pro Case for iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max. With a MagSafe-enabled design, it has a patent-pending aluminum lens mount. This actually acts both as camera protection and a way to seamlessly attach SANDMARC lenses and filters. Made with a minimal construction, this magnet-enabled product gives your phone added comfort and durability—not to mention style. Designed for photographers and iPhone enthusiasts alike, it incorporates aluminum threading to give your camera protection. Not only that, but its microfiber inner lining also keeps your phone scratch-free, and it has metal buttons, too. Designed with a multilayered rubber texture, it ensures you always maintain a good grip. Plus, it has a spot to attach a wrist strap for portability.

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