SANDMARC Flex Dock for MagSafe and Apple Watch has a patent-pending foldable design

Charge your Apple devices effortlessly with the SANDMARC Flex Dock for MagSafe and Apple Watch. This 2-in-1 dock is a travel-friendly charging dock for iPhone, AirPods & Apple Watch. It can seamlessly mount Apple’s MagSafe charger along with the latest Apple watch’s fast magnetic charger. Additionally, the patent pending foldable design can be used on older iPhone models and on multiple angles. In fact, there are also cut-outs designed for MagSafe charger to remain cool. Made with industrial aluminum with modern design, this foldable charger is a must-have for any modern Apple workspace. With a flexible design and minimal look, it can truly take your workspace minimalism one step further. Apple devices are sleek and when you look for an accessory to match that look, there’s nothing better than this one.

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