Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Update Adds Dual-SIM Support

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in white on a blue background.

The best Android smartwatch is about to get even better. Samsung just announced One UI Watch 4.5, an update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. While this update mainly focuses on some very useful accessibility features, it also adds dual-SIM support and a “full typing experience.”

Those who use two SIM cards can now choose which phone number to use when calling or making texts on the Galaxy Watch 4. And when you’re texting, One Watch UI 4.5 lets you choose between an on-screen keyboard, finger handwriting, and voice dictation—previously, users had to stick with a single input method.

And if you’re into customization, One UI Watch 4.5 adds the ability to quickly switch between watchfaces. It’s a small but neat improvement, especially for those who prefer to use different watchfaces for work, trips to the gym, and so on.

But accessibility settings are really the highlight of this update. With One UI Watch 4.5, users can finally adjust the display’s contrast and color for improved visibility. Users can also customize Hearing Enhancement settings, and program a shortcut button for common tasks.

The most impressive new accessibility settings, which hide behind an “interaction and dexterity” menu, controls how the watch responds to user input. You can tell the watch to ignore repeat inputs, for example, and set a “touch and hold delay” to reduce or increase the time that it takes the watch to accept a “touch and hold” input.

Samsung says that One UI Watch 4.5 arrives in “quarter three” of this year, likely meaning August or September. It will only work on the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, and future models of Galaxy Watch.

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