Ryidar LinkLens Pro 2.0 smart audio snow goggles have a system for snow sports enthusiasts

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Enjoy an audio-enabled system designed for ski and snow sports enthusiasts: the Ryidar LinkLens Pro 2.0 smart audio snow goggles. The 2nd-generation LinkLens Pro are professional snow goggles with a new body design. The upgraded hardware, driver, and speakers deliver an incredibly immersive sound experience to those on the slope. Also, there are new color options to match your style and a low-bridge-fit version for preference. LinkLens uses cutting-edge open air audio and dual-mic noise cancellation technologies to deliver superior music listening in windy conditions. Combined with the Single-ear Mode, LinkLens enables crystal-clear calls while allowing you to stay alert to your surroundings. With a single button press, your voice assistant is on standby for hands-free control and helpful information.

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