Ryanair horror as ‘drunk’ passenger ‘handcuffed’ and removed from flight

Police officers boarded the plane at Manchester Airport to remove the passenger. He has reportedly been charged with a public order offence and will appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court on 3 August. Eyewitness Alex Jackson, who posted a video of the incident to TikTok, claimed the man was drunk. Mr Jackson’s video has since gained more than 2.1million views and more than 112,000 likes.

Explaining the incident, he told the Sun: “We were on the plane and two guys right at the front of the plane were absolutely hammered.

“We were delayed already so everyone was already a bit agitated anyway.

“I didn’t see it but apparently one of the guys down the front started vaping.

“The flight attendant took it off him and the guy was asking for it back and he said no and that they were phoning the police.

“He said he would cooperate with them, it wasn’t too heated or anything.”

He added: “I wasn’t bothered, I was just trying to get to Ibiza.”

It was after this that two police officers reportedly boarded the plane and arrested the man.

Mr Jackson said there were two police vans and around eight police officers involved in the incident.

A spokesperson for Ryanair confirmed the cabin crew called for police support.

They said: “The crew of this flight from Manchester to Ibiza called for police assistance ahead of departure after a passenger was found vaping onboard the aircraft.

“In accordance with policy, smoking/the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited at any time onboard the aircraft and this passenger was removed by police.”

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