Rolling Seeds smart tabletop game platform offers connected, intuitive fun for the family

Enjoy playing games with your family using the Rolling Seeds smart tabletop game platform. Not only does it have a beautiful, engaging design, but it also lets you play interactive digital games with physical tokens. With an intuitive user interface, the setup includes the smart game Pot, main platform, physical tokens—called Seeds—and Seed Tray organizers. Place your smart device in the mount. And the smart game Pot lets you interact with the visual representations of the games. With NFC tags inside them, the Seeds deliver coded inputs into the smart game Pot. They come in vivid colors and have Braille on them. Furthermore, you’ll get access to over 20 games at the start: from Rolling Crazy8 to Rolling Crossword! Plus, Rolling Seeds provides continual expandability, upgrading games and adding more. Designed for anywhere from 1 to 4 players, the games take 5–30 minutes and are fun for anyone ages 3–99.

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