ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini optical gaming keyboard has a 65% form factor with arrow keys

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Crafted with Titan II Optical Switches that have ultra-fast linear actuation, the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini optical gaming keyboard also has a 65% mini form factor. Designed with arrow keys, this gadget even has a second function layer via Easy-Shift[+] key duplicator technology. Moreover, it has 30 multifunctional smart keys with dedicated LEDs that indicate when secondary functions are active. You’ll enjoy its onboard storage for up to 5 user profiles. And the anodized aluminum top plate provides added durability. Made with cross-shaped stems that offer third-party keycap compatibility, it also has AIMO RGB lighting. Furthermore, you can use the detachable USB-C cable for storage and customization. Finally, it has a quiet operation, 45g force, 1.4 mm actuation, and customization options.

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