Roborock S7+ robot vacuum & sonic mop stores up to 60 days of dust & has a self-empty dock

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Prevent dust buildup on your floors with the Roborock S7+ robot vacuum & sonic mop. This gadget can actually hold up to 60 days of household dust! Plus, it comes with a self-empty dock that automatically empties the robot after it cleans your floors. This means you can clean your home without emptying it for up to 120 days! Great on hard floors, carpets, wood, and tile, this auto-lifting mop senses carpet and lifts itself to vacuum without getting the carpet wet. Additionally, the mop will lift when it returns to the dock to prevent spreading dirt. Then, with its ultrasonic carpet detection, it can even increase suction for deeper carpet cleaning. Finally, boasting 2,500 Pa suction power, it picks up dirt from floors, lifts it from cracks, and draws it from carpets.

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