RoboHeart AR smartphone racer is an engaging toy that interacts with virtual objects

Enjoy a product that infuses AR with embedded systems when you have the RoboHeart AR smartphone racer. This unique toy actually interacts with virtual objects. The developers replaced the PCB in the original toy with an in-house-developed PCB. This makes it a versatile gadget because the PCB works as a development board in any other embedded application. You will enjoy building your RC car and making it interact with AR games! So, if you love gaming with Augmented Reality, this AR gadget will work with your smartphone. Or, if you enjoy making and have a hobby of working on electronics projects, this is the next thing you’ll love. In fact, this ESP32-based development board has an onboard IMU, motor drivers, and battery charging capabilities. Overall, it’s a compact board with a multitude of applications.

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