Revel cheese knife has a solid design that can cut, slice, and saw all different kinds

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Pack away all your different fromage knives and use the Revel cheese knife instead. It’s a single knife to cut them all, slice them all, and saw them all. No matter the type of cheese you have, the Revel can handle it. In fact, this knife combines different characteristics that allow it to meet the requirements of each cheese. Designed with a crossing tang, its blade extends into the entire handle, which guarantees solidity. Then, the points start the cuts and allow you to prick the cheese. And it has a smooth double-edged blade that’s great for soft cheeses, sausages, etc. Next, the perforated blade saw works for fresh and fragile cheeses. This is because it prevents the cheese from sticking to the blade, but it also works for foie gras, terrines, and bread. Finally, it has a hatchet for hard cheeses and aged cheeses!

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