Report: Texas A&M not planning on firing Jimbo Fisher this season

Few fanbases are unhappier with their head coach than Texas A&M, but that does not necessarily mean the coach’s job is truly in danger.

A&M lost 31-28 to Ole Miss on Saturday night at College Station, Texas. SEC Network, which was televising the game, during the fourth quarter aired a report from Pete Thamel concerning Fisher’s job status.

Thamel declared that Texas A&M would not be getting rid of Fisher this season. Thamel says that is due to how much money the coach is owed.

“No matter how bad things get for Texas A&M this season, they will not move on from coach Jimbo Fisher,” Thamel declared. “They owe him $86M in buyout money if they were to fire him. Just to put Fisher’s buyout in perspective, he would be owed $48M in 2026. So there’s a sincere commitment to make it work between A&M and Jimbo Fisher.”

Rather than fire Fisher, Thamel says the school will likely demand that the coach make several changes.

“That means to expect significant staff changes, significant style changes on offense, and likely playcalling changes in order for the Aggies to get right for their ailing offense,” Thamel said.

There have been calls for weeks for Fisher to give up playcalling duties or to change something. The Aggies entered Saturday averaging just 21.9 points scored per game.

Fisher has proven many times in the past that his offenses produce and that he can win lots of games. But he had good personnel and good quarterbacks in those situations, like Jameis Winston and Kellen Mond.

It’s Fisher’s job as the head coach to ensure he has good personnel, so the lack of success this year is his fault. But there shouldn’t be much of a question of whether or not Fisher can win and deliver when he does have top players. Maybe Aggies fans just need to be patient and wait for the glorified freshman class to get older. The problem is “patient” and “Texas A&M fans” are two things that don’t mix well.

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