Razer Blue Screen collapsible streaming backdrop gives you even more creative freedom

Enhance your next stream session when you have the Razer Blue Screen collapsible streaming backdrop. This chroma key panel gives you another level of creativity and imagination. Made of 100% polyester premium fibers, it lets you create your own worlds. In fact, it produces seamless, immersive backgrounds on a totally wrinkle-free backdrop. The same type of background that moviemakers use, this blue screen provides super clean keying. Great for streamers who want to easily change their backgrounds, it has a height-adjustable design that can reach up to 94” tall. This expansive size ensures that your backdrops comfortably and completely cover the entire frame. So you and your viewers see no unsightly borders. Moreover, this durable backdrop is quickly deployable, giving you a seriously fast setup. Then, you can easily collapse it for storage.

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