Quilbie SpringEase 1-handed diaper bag provides quick & easy access without zippers

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Open the Quilbie SpringEase 1-handed diaper bag with a quick shake—that’s it! With a truly innovative design, it uses SpringEase technology to pop open when you shake it. Then, it stays wide open as long as you need it to. Finally, simply press the brackets together until the magnets reattach to close it securely. It gives you quick, easy access to everything in the main compartment without you having to bother with zippers. This makes it so easy to get a diaper, bottle, snack, or anything else inside without setting your little one down. You can also use the optional zipper if you want added security, and it quickly converts from a backpack to a messenger-style bag. It comes with a changing pad and outer magnet flap for access to wipes. Made of 100% recycled stain-resistant polyester, it can handle your day-to-day activities.

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