Pure Electric Pure Advance slim folding eScooter series offers a safer, more stable ride

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Feel safer during commutes with the Pure Electric Pure Advance slim folding eScooter series. These cool gadgets offer a unique riding position that balances your weight on both sides of the chassis. The eScooters come in 2 models—Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex. The Pure Advance fits easily into your life, sitting neatly against walls and tight spaces when folded. The Pure Advance Flex is the most flexible model. It’s designed to fully fold, store, and carry anywhere. Both models offer powerful performance with a 500W motor (710W peak power). Plus, an IP65 weatherproof rating ensures these scooters withstand downpours. Moreover, the Pure Control automatically brings the handlebars back to the center after a turn for controlled riding. Finally, front and rear indicators, as well as front and rear disk brakes, keep you safe.


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