Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulator reduces stress and anxiety to improve your sleep

Sleep better when you have the Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulator. This gadget actually helps reduce stress and anxiety, overall improving your sleep as well. Using revolutionary science, it stimulates your vagus nerve. In turn, this activation of your vagus nerve then reduces stress. In fact, stimulating your vagus nerve activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This helps your body rest and digest. This happens because your heart rate slows down, and you’ll feel calmer, less stressed, and anxious. Of course, you will sleep better, too. It offers 3 programs that help you beat anxiety and stress, and you can customize the intensity of the stimulations depending on how you feel. Designed to fit you comfortably and snugly, it is very simple to understand and use. In fact, it connects with an app with just a single press. Finally, you will feel calm and relaxed in only 4 minutes!

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