Protect your Christmas ornaments on the tree with the Ornament Anchor

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Protect your Christmas ornaments from breaking with the Ornament Anchor. This helpful Christmas ornament hanger clamps your ornament to the tree, preventing them from falling and breaking.

Protect your treasured Christmas ornaments with the Ornament Anchor. This secure ornament hanger has a loop-and-pull design that clamps ornaments to the tree, keeping them in place and avoiding falls and breakage.

Got Christmas ornaments you love? Whether it’s a set of antique glass ornaments or the batman ornament your teacher gave you in the third grade, it’s worth securing them all to the tree with the Ornament Anchor.

Because while your tree looks beautiful every year, those standard ornament hooks drape over the tree branches, leaving your favorite ornaments at risk.

Well, that’s a problem solved with the ornament hanger. It protects your favorite tree decorations, preserving your holiday memories. And it’s a clever design that landed the creators, the Naqvi family, on Shark Tank. Let’s have a look at it.

How does the Tree Anchor work?

We already mentioned how ineffective ordinary hooks and ribbons are at securing ornaments to the tree. They just loop over the branch, which isn’t very secure.

A slight bump from someone walking by, a pull from a curious toddler, or a sniff from a well-meaning pet could land these decorations on the floor, broken into bits.

Luckily, this secure tree hanger offers a better solution. With its patent-pending loop-and-pull design, it basically clamps your ornament to the tree.

Attached to the tree this way, the ornament stays in place; bumps, hits, and pulls won’t remove it.

Ornament Anchor in a video

What ornaments work with this unique ornament hanger?

This secure ornament hanger works with nearly all ornaments. That’s right; this home accessory protects anything from your Baby’s 1st Christmas to your Star Wars collectible ornaments.

Shape and size do not matter. There’s just a 10-pound weight limit, but it’s a rare Christmas ornament that surpasses that amount.

Ornament Anchor
Ornament Anchor on ornaments

Does the Ornament Anchor come in different colors?

You bet. The company understands that a green color option doesn’t work for every tree. You could have a white tree, a pink tree, or a silver color scheme. In those cases, a green hanger probably isn’t the best choice.

For that reason, you can choose between Green, Red, White, Silver, Gold, and a mix of colors for your tree. So no matter how your family decorates for Christmas, your Ornament Anchor can fit your needs.

Ornament Achor
Ornament Anchor in use

Is this Christmas tree tool difficult to use?

Nope. That’s the beauty of the Ornament Anchor. All you have to do is loop it through your ornament. Then, place the loop over your tree branch and tighten the security mechanism. That’s all.

And since it keeps your ornament attached to the tree, it could actually save you time. Because you won’t constantly have to adjust the ornament or pick it up if it falls.

Ornament Anchor
Ornament Anchor in packaging

Who created this product?

According to the official website, this secure ornament hanger is the creation of 13-year-old Ayaan Naqvi. He came up with the product idea when one of the family’s favorite ornaments fell off the tree and broke.

He decided to find a better way of attaching ornaments to trees. And the Ornament Anchor started from there.

Does this Christmas decorating tool support a good cause?

The Naqvi family has a passion for pets. For that reason, it donates 10% of its proceeds to no-kill animal shelters worldwide.

According to the official site, nearly 2,000,000 homeless pets are euthanized annually. The family hopes to create a no-kill world and help homeless pets everywhere find happy homes.

Meanwhile, the Naqvi kids are also student ambassadors for the North Shore Animal League America and began the Shelter Heroes Project.

It’s a free, schoolwide project that aims to make people aware of pets in need and to create a healthy school climate.

Should you buy the Ornament Anchor?

If you own fragile ornaments or ones that hold treasured memories, the Ornament Anchor is worth buying. Forget those traditional hooks; they don’t protect your decorations.

On the other hand, this secure tree hanger keeps ornaments clamped to the tree and out of harm’s way. Get it to protect your favorite ornaments for generations.

The Tree Anchor costs $24.99 on the official website. What are your favorite Christmas gadgets? Let us know in the comment section.

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