Pregnant Sophia Grace, 19, Claps Back At Critics Claiming She’s Too Young To Have A Baby

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Sophia Grace Brownlee spoke about the hate she’s been getting online since she announced that she was expecting her first child. The 19-year-old — who grew up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her cousin, Rosie McClelland – told E! News that she was facing a lot of criticism for being a teen mom. “I feel like 19 is quite young, obviously, to have a baby,” she said. “Usually, most people are like, ‘You should have babies when you’re 30, and you’re married, and you live in your own house,’ which is completely fine. But obviously, everyone’s gonna have their different opinions.”

“I just feel it’s about the person themselves. And as long as you feel ready and it’s something that you’re happy about, then it’s really no one else’s problem,” she told E! News. Sophia also said that amongst all the criticism, there has been plenty of love and support from her followers. “I’ve seen so many supportive comments about how ‘You’re young, but I had a baby at this age’ and it was so lovely,” she said. “It really makes me feel happy when I see other girls comment that. It really, really makes me so more confident.”

Sophia Grace ( S Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock)

However, she did acknowledge that she felt “a bit sort of overwhelmed” at the start of the pregnancy. “And you think about like, ‘How am I going to know how to do this? How am I going to learn how to carry the baby properly?’ It’s kind of scary. It’s a human [reaction], but I feel like it will just come naturally once I have the baby. My family and friends are so supportive. I’m sure that it will help so much.”

Sophia Grace & Rosie (S Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock)

Sophia Grace announced on Oct. 22 that she was expecting and had recently undergone a 20-week ultrasound. In December 2021, she revealed that she ” “has a boyfriend” and they’ve been together for “maybe two years.” However, she “keep(s) that side of my life pretty private,” and that’s why she doesn’t post anything online with them together.

Following the announcement, Rosie, 16, congratulated her cousin online. “This photo was the moment Sophia told me she was pregnant (as you can see, I am crying),” she wrote while sharing a photo of them hugging. “Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Sophia on the news of your pregnancy! To say I’m excited is an understatement, I can’t wait to share this whole new chapter with you and be by your side watching you be the best mum ever! Love you so so much…”

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