Pre-order Your ‘LOTR’ Mechanical Keyboard Before the ‘Rings of Power’ Premiere

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Elvish mechanical keyboard sitting on a desk.

Lord of the Rings fans who love mechanical keyboards will find a great treat in Drop’s new LOTR-themed builds. Just in time for the premiere of The Rings of Power on September first.

The keyboards come in the Dwarvish and Elvish motifs. And the keycaps are printed in Quenya and Khuzdul. But, don’t worry if you’re not fluent in the fictional tounges. English letter equivalents are printed alongside the Tolkienien characters.

The Elvish model comes in a green and white color scheme. And the Dwarvish keyboard is white, black, and grey. Both builds feature an inscription of the One Ring on the spacebar. The keyboards cost $169.

But that’s not all the goodies LOTR fans Drop has to offer. They’re also selling three premium One Ring keycaps, featuring art for Lothlórien, Anduin, and Mount Doom. The keycaps can be popped on any compatible mechanical keyboard, each with a $65 price tag.

If you want to round out the Middle-earth look, you can request a Smaug-themed wrist rest. Unfortunately, they’re currently on backorder.

The Lord of the Rings-themed keyboards and keycaps are available for pre-order now. Drop expects to ship them in October.

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