Pico 4 VR headset has a balanced design that is evenly distributed on the front and rear

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Make the most of virtual reality without losing out on comfort with the Pico 4 VR headset. This headset comes with a balanced design. In fact, it is evenly distributed to the front and the rear. The center of gravity also fits snugly up against the face. Additionally, the rear of the headset also has cushioned support. As a result, this headset is definitely one that promises a comfortable fit. The front will not sway to and fro whereas the rear will also not slip downwards. This headset also boasts a proprietary pancake optical lens for a more wider and clearer view. There are two 2.56-inch fast-LCD screens that can help you achieve a refresh rate as high as 90Hz. Finally, this headset will make your VR experience even more accurate and convenient.

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