PauseMe Microsoft Teams remote mic & video controller reduces virtual meeting fatigue

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Ever had back-to-back Teams calls and thought, “I just need a quick second to ____”? The PauseMe Microsoft Teams gives you the freedom you need. Easily step away from your laptop with this Bluetooth button. With just one click, you can mute or unmute your audio or show or hide your video in your MS Teams meeting. Take a little break to get water, stretch, or address that quick personal task with the peace of mind that with a single click of your PauseMe you can jump back into your work day. No additional software installation is require—it works with Teams—so it’s ideal for corporate laptops. With a compact design, it’s a sleek addition to your office and great for remote work. Seamlessly toggle between on and off settings using this gadget. Avoid awkward situations where personal moments display on work calls and reduce your virtual meeting fatigue.


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