Parlor POP!RON 3D hair-imprinting iron has 5 different designs, a straightener & a crimper

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Style your hair like never before when you have the Parlor POP!RON 3D hair-imprinting iron. It includes 5 different designs to accentuate your look—a heart, a star, a lightning bolt, and more! Plus, the company frequently releases new designs. Then, you can use the straightener and crimper to finish out your look. With an adjustable temperature, it lets you change it up depending on how fine or thick your hair is. Not only that, but it also works on all hair types so you can use it with family and friends. Operating on low heat, it won’t damage your hair like other straighteners potentially will. With an easy-to-use design, simply choose and slide on the plate, plug in the POP!RON, use heat-resistant gloves, and press down on your hair!

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