Oukitel P2001 portable 2,000 Wh capacity power station provides backup power anywhere

Keep everything you need nice and charged when you have the Oukitel P2001 portable 2,000 Wh capacity power station. Providing backup power for home and camping use, it provides 2,000 watts of AC output, which can actually surge as high as 4,000 watts. Able to power high-wattage devices, it keeps your air conditioner, fridge, and tools going in an outage. Additionally, it offers super-fast recharging technology, meaning it takes as little as 1.5 hours to fully charge. Moreover, its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protects sensitive and valuable electrical devices, and this power station works with any solar panels (12-48V, MAX 500W). Refuel it via a standard outlet, solar panels, a car charger, or another power generator. Furthermore, it has 16 versatile ports to keep everything you want powered up. Finally, its advanced Battery Management System (BMS) operates the battery intelligently and safely.

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