Ossby GEO superlight folding eBike weighs only about 24 pounds and folds in 1 second

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Take your electric bike with you anywhere when it’s the Ossby GEO superlight folding eBike. Able to fold up in only one second, it also weighs only 24 pounds (12 kilograms). So it’s easy to carry up and down stairs, store in a vehicle trunk, and more. Crafted with a unique composite frame with a lifetime warranty, this sustainable eBike boasts 100% ecological mobility. In fact, the high-strength material consists of plant resins and high-tech recycled material. Lighter and stronger than aluminum, it has an attractive look and sustainable construction. With an impressive range of 31.25 miles (50 kilometers), it is ideal for rides around your city. Designed and manufactured in Spain, its conception and manufacturing processes respect the environment. Finally, it has a practical design that incorporates wireless Bluetooth technology for app connectivity.

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