Orcas Wood Mechanical Keyboard Wrist Rest supports you during your work and playtime

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Take care of your wrists and palms with the Orcas Wood Mechanical Keyboard Wrist Rest. Designed to support you as you work and play for hours at a time, it has a slight angle that provides just the right ergonomics for your body. Moreover, its antislip rubber base ensures it stays in place. So you can get pretty intense during a game without a worry. Offering a gorgeous look for any desk setup, it consists of a black walnut and cherry hardwood combination. Made in Seattle, USA, this wrist rest is finished with a semi-clear surface and is thus resistant to warping. Choose from 5 size options: Planck 40%, Compact 60%, Tenkeyless, Full Size, and 65%. Finally, its premium, high-quality design has a comfortable finish and is sure to look great anywhere.

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