OEPLAY MusicStar5 powerful hi-fi speaker has an iconic design and expansive soundstage

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Take your home decor and technology up a notch at the same time with the OEPLAY MusicStar5 powerful hi-fi speaker. Boasting a truly iconic design that’ll turn heads, this timeless gadget has an elegant look that’ll blend in with any space—yet also stand out. Moreover, its expansive 3D soundstage completely immerses you with its incredible depth, bringing you into the middle of the movie scene or the concert. Additionally, its fully lossless audio playback lets you enjoy CD-like audio quality even via USB. Furthermore, the properly balanced bass—without any distortion—comes from its spherical sound box. This unique design balances bass sensitivity and power, producing an extended ground-shaking sound field. Beyond all this, it has a frequency range of 33Hz to 55 kHz, recreating even the tiniest sounds with accuracy. So you hear lows, mids, and highs as you should.

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