Oakywood Slim Charging Pad makes charging your mobile devices as easy as possible

Charge your mobile devices effortlessly from your desk with the Oakywood Slim Charging Pad. Coming in a classic wooden disc-shaped design, this charging pad can sit anywhere on your desk. Additionally, the charging speed automatically adjusts to the smartphone model through automodulation. It can actually go up to 15W. All you have to do is place your Qi-enabled device on it. In fact, you can also charge your smartphone in a case up to 4 mm thick. This charging pad also comes with a 150 cm nylon USB-A to USB-C cord. This allows you more freedom in choosing where to place your charger. In order to make the charging pad more lightweight, the edges are refined with a precise 45-degree bevel. Finally, the ecological wax oil coating gives the surface a smooth finish.

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