Not your ordinary puzzle, Quatro city takes you on a mysterious detective quest

Add a one-of-a-kind interactive puzzle to your game nights with Quatro City. Featuring detailed illustrations and activities, it takes puzzle-making to a new level.

Need a new game for your tabletop gaming group? Make puzzle lovers and tabletop game enthusiasts happy with Quatro City, a beautifully illustrated storytelling puzzle quest. It brings puzzle building to group game nights.

Puzzles are a satisfying way to spend a rainy afternoon but you probably wouldn’t bring one out for game nights. Well, that’s about to change with Quatro City.

This gripping, story-based puzzle from the Ukrainian company, EnjoyTheWood, brings competition to routine puzzle assembly. Let’s check it out.

Build a map of Quatro City

Inside the puzzle box, you’ll find serval envelopes that contain everything you need to solve the mystery. To play, open the 1st envelope to solve part 1.

Do the same with the next 3 envelopes to complete the picture of Quatro City. You’ll need to study the city’s mazes and layout, which helps you play the rest of this puzzle board game.

Meet the protagonist

Once you’re done with the puzzle, you meet the protagonist of the story, Mark Eidos. He’s a detective with experience in multifaceted investigations. Just check out his business card in the detective envelope. With his background, he’s the best person to solve this social puzzle.

With him as your investigative partner, you’ll unravel the mysteries behind the secrets that someone is hiding from you. Work together as you attempt to become a sharp-eyed detective too.

Quatro City in a video

Scan the QR code to play

Next, scan the QR code. It takes you to information that further immerses you in the game. Because, from now on, only you can help Mark Eidos solve mysteries and complete the quest.

The quest is more complicated and strange than it might appear. Use your devices to solve a puzzle that’s filled with new twists and subplots.

Quatro City
Quatro city puzzle pieces

Get wrapped up in this story-based puzzle game

This storytelling puzzle quest is unlike any puzzle you’ve made. Unlike traditional puzzles, Quatro City makes you a character in a story. This way, you not only observe events but participate in them as well.

Then, the intriguing narrative keeps you involved in the investigation. You won’t be able to wait for what happens next, as this detective story certainly keeps you on your toes.

Enjoy up to 500 pieces in each puzzle

Quatro City is ideal for game nights. With up to 500 pieces in each of the 4 jigsaw envelopes, each puzzle will take time and cooperation to complete.

This also means the game satisfies the puzzle lovers out there. This puzzle quest isn’t just a game with a puzzle; it’s a puzzle that’s been made into a game.

Go for a high-quality puzzle

Meanwhile, this interactive puzzle boasts excellent quality. According to the company, the puzzle is the hardest wooden jigsaw ever. 100% handcrafted in Ukraine at the company’s own manufacturing facility, you can be sure of the quality and attention to detail that goes into making each game component.

What’s more, the puzzle envelopes and other game components come in a sturdy, beautifully illustrated box. So it’s a game that you could also give as a gift.

Meanwhile, the box holds all the game pieces and keeps them tidy. Durable, it also protects all the pieces.

Play this social puzzle solo or in a group

Like any puzzle, you can play this storytelling puzzle solo. However, the fun only increases when you invite a group of friends to play. Quatro City is suitable for up to 4 players. Your group can even write its own adventure using the Quatro City map.

Construct the puzzle easily with the vacuum pen

An interesting addition to this puzzle game is the vacuum pen. It makes picking up the pieces and placing them easier. That way, no player feels frustrated working with small items.

See our verdict on Quatro City

If you love puzzles and mystery games, Quatro City combines them both. Woven together with an intriguing story, you’ll have hours of fun with your group, constructing the puzzle and solving the quest.

Finally, this handmade game features quality materials and lovely illustrations that you’ll be happy to revisit again and again. If you’re looking for an excellent addition to your game cupboard, this is it.

Preorder Quatro City for $69 on Kickstarter. What tabletop games are you playing at the moment? Let us know!

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