Nomad Desk portable standing desk folds up so small that it can fit in a backpack

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Take your workstation with you anywhere you go when you have the Nomad Desk portable standing desk. Surprisingly, it folds up into such a compact size that it can actually fit in a backpack. So it lets you do meaningful work in spots you hardly imagined before. Tote it in your backpack to work wherever you please, and you’ll enjoy that its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Unfold and lock it in place in seconds to use for work or as a table. Moreover, you can use it to work standing up or sitting down—in any location. Designed with 15 levels of adjustability, it easily adapts to all terrain types. In fact, it easily deals with uneven ground, making it ideal for use outdoors. Finally, you can stop spending long hours working in the same spot in a closed space!

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