Nikon Z30 4K camera gives creators, vloggers, and streamers a crisp audio and video setup

Inspire others with your work when you add the Nikon Z30 4K camera to your creative setup. Created specifically for creators, vloggers, and streamers, it features crisp 4K video and crystal-clear audio. Meanwhile, it has all the features you need for creating amazing content, like a front-facing screen. Meanwhile, the autofocus tracks eyes. So yes, you and your subject will always appear focused on the camera. Then, for that professional look, the background blurs and details seem vivid even in low light. And for competitive live streamers, you can rely on the Full HD 60p and 4K 30 video quality. It also works well with web conferencing applications. What’s more, if you want to zero in on a product, the focus automatically repositions when you hold something close to the camera. Finally, this camera is simple to use with convenient shortcuts and an Auto Mode.

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