Nicola Sturgeon ‘full of her own importance’ as independence bid thoroughly dismantled

Clare Muldoon, a Scottish broadcaster and commentator, told GB News that Nicola Sturgeon is “full of her own importance” but in reality is nothing “more than a regional councillor”. She accused the Scottish National Party of wanting “to break up the Union” against the wishes of the Scottish people, before adding that Ms Sturgeon needs to stop “banging on” about a second referendum.

Ms Muldoon said: “Well, she seems to be saying an awful lot, doesn’t she? As she always does. 

“She’s full of her own narrative, full of her own importance, full of the fact that she does not get that most Scottish people don’t want an independent Scotland. 

“She wants to break up the Union, so therefore I do have a vested interest. I have four kids. 

“They could not go to university in Scotland for free because they were deemed English.

“And the other thing that I really don’t like, and I’m quite passionate about, is the fact that [Ms Sturgeon] is not called to account.

“She’s in bed now with the Greens that gave her the coalition that enabled her to take the power and have her devolved Government, she’s no more than a regional councillor, to be honest with you. 

“She keeps banging on about this [referendum] narrative.

“She’s produced a 71-page paper to go forward with the section 30 that they need to trigger to get the independence vote – she wants to push that to 2023.” 

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Mr Robertson, speaking on Wednesday, said: “The First Minister made clear yesterday she intends to make an announcement to the Scottish Parliament in the forthcoming weeks about the route map to the referendum which we intend to hold next October.”

While the UK Government granted a section 30 order prior to the 2014 referendum, allowing a legally-binding vote to be held, Boris Johnson has been clear he will not do the same this time round.

And a former adviser to both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon cast doubt on whether a referendum could be delivered by the end of next year, describing the timescale as “very difficult”. 

Campbell Gunn said: “We’re now 15, 16 months from when the referendum is likely to be held, we don’t have a section 30 order, it will probably end up in the courts. I just don’t see the timescale working for the SNP.”

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